Hampton Chocolate Factory Bonbons, Bonbons & More Bonbons

Recently, we have been offering chocolate taste testing on the North Fork at select vineyards, Clovis, Lenz, Duckwalk and others and the response has been really amazing especially to our bonbons.    Some memorable  responses, "OMG this tastes amazing", "WOW thats good!", "mmmm".  

Here's why:

Hampton Chocolate Factory artisan bonbons using the finest fresh ingredients and best chocolate available. The bonbons in our assortment feature silken ganache fillings infused with the pure, clean flavors of raspberries, kalamansi puree, espresso, matcha green tea, passionfruit, peanut butter, rice crispy, white chocolate, almonds, black currant jelly, lemongrass, cinnamon, coffee beans and other exotic natural flavorings. Each is enrobed in 72% hawaiian dark chocolate or, 42% milk chocolate made using beans from the Rio Caribe region, famed for the quality of its cacao.The results are bonbons with amazing mouthwatering flavors that elevate above the rich, decadent chocolate.

Bonbon Flavors in Dark Chocolate

  • 55%: Hawaiian chocolate with a hint of black lava salt
  • 65%: A blend of our favorative origins
  • Caramel: Dark & Smokey caramel in a dark chocolate shell
  • Honey: Calmelized California wildflower honey
  • Lime Sesame: Kalamansi & lime genache with sesame gianduja crunch
  • Green Tea: Creamy matcha green tea from Kyoto
  • Passion Fruit: Creamy passion fruit infused with bonbon vanilla
  • PB&J: Raspberry pate de fruit infused with bourbon vanilla
  • Lemon Fig Caramel: A lemon caramel genache & black mission fig ganache
  • Yozu: Puree criollo chocolate genache

Bonbon Flavors in Milk Chocolate

  • Cookie Crunch: Caramel & malted cookie crumbs
  • Cashew: Roasted & salted cashew praline
  • Cassis Yogurt: Yogurt & vanilla, with black currant jam
  • Coconut: Lemongrass & toasted coconut flakes
  • Coffee Cardamom: Colombian coffee infused & white cardamom
  • Grapefruit: Grapefruit & 65% criollo chocolate from Madagascar

Visit us: www.HamptonChocolateFactory.com

Email: crg@hamptonchocolatefactory.com

Call us: 800-861-0080

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