Long Island Apple Picking and Road Trip Snacking

Fall means pumpkin carving, leaf raking and, of course, apple picking! There’s the road trip to the farm and the orchard strolling once you arrive. But which apple variety best suits your needs? In this Hampton Chocolate Factory blog post, we’re going to find out - and don’t forget the most important part - the road trip fuel! Hampton Chocolate Factory has you covered with the best Gourmet Snacks around.

The first question is: Do you want to bake a pie? If the answer is yes, then Golden the Delicious apple for you! It’s sweet taste and firm texture help create the perfect pie.

Prefer to make applesauce? Well, be sure to pick a Rome apple. This apple has a mild flavor, but when cooked the flavor comes alive!

Maybe you just want to eat your apple slice by slice. Jonagold is sure to do the trick! It has a vibrant flavor that you won’t be able to resist.

Perhaps, you want to make cider. Then mix all of the above for a delicious apple beverage.

All that apple picking is hard work, so be sure to take some fuel with you. Hampton has a snack for every taste.

For the nut lover:

Almond Dragée - These are not just any almond. We slow roast these to perfection and then dip them in 72 percent dark chocolate and dust them with powdered sugar and sea salt.

For the cookie lover:

Animal Crackers Dipped - Remember the animal crackers of your childhood? Well, these are so much better! These classic cookies are dipped in 42 percent milk chocolate.

For the popcorn lover:

Artisan Dark Chocolate Dipped Caramel Popcorn - Popcorn will never be the same after you taste this decadent treat! Our premium Caramel Popcorn is dipped in 72 percent dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt!

Didn’t see the snack for you? We have plenty more to choose from! Check them all out here!

More great apple resources:


Apples: A Guide To Selection and Use - Ohio State University Extension

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