Why Is Chocolate Milk Good For You?

Growing up, how many of you preferred chocolate milk? Well, your younger self must’ve been on to something. Now research confirms chocolate milk is an excellent beverage choice, especially for athletes. But even our ancestors believed in the power of chocolate milk. In this blog post, learn some history about the delicious drink, as well as, all the benefits it provides.

To begin, in the 18th century chocolate milk was used medicinally. Carl von Linné noted that it aided in weight loss. Also, it treated lung and muscle disease, hypochondria, and hemorrhoids. This trend continued in the 19th century. A medicinal chocolate mix was sold in Florence. It was used to treat weakness and chronic lung disease. The mix consisted of cocoa, cinnamon and sugar, and was added to milk.

Today, it is primarily touted for the many benefits it offers to athletes. After exercise, it is important to rehydrate, recover and build muscle. Chocolate milk helps with all of these!

During exercise, important nutrients are lost through sweat. Milk contains many of these nutrients - sodium, potassium, and other minerals. During digestion, milk empties from the stomach slower, so nutrients are more effectively absorbed.

After exercise, small muscle tears must be repaired and energy must be restored. Protein and carbohydrates are needed to ensure this is accomplished effectively. Chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink based on its ratio of protein and carbohydrates.

While exercising, one of the primary goals is to build muscle. Research indicates that drinking chocolate milk after a workout can help build more muscle and lose fat. Studies show that those that drink low fat chocolate milk have a three pound lean muscle advantage compared to those that drink regular sports drinks.

Finally, chocolate milk can help improve performance. It can improve maximal oxygen uptake, and, therefore, increase endurance.

Who knew chocolate milk was such an awesome drink? After your next exercise, be sure to have chocolate milk on hand. Or even better - make your own! Check out the awesome recipes below and be sure to include Hampton Chocolate Factory’s Artisan Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar or Artisan Pure Dark Chocolate Bar.

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