Willy Wonka Spotted, On Long Island New York

You’ve heard of Willy Wonka? Well, tell everyone you know he’s been sighted in the Hamptons. There’s talk he’s opened up a tasting shop right here, in Southampton! Rumors have been spreading like wildfire. The shop is said to have THREE chocolate rivers - one made of 42% milk chocolate, one made of 72% dark chocolate, and one made of dark chocolate and chilies!

Someone even said they saw orange-skinned, green-haired Oompa-Loompas having coffee at Hampton Coffee Company! They were discussing new candy flavors like a PB&J Bar  (a dark chocolate shell filled with a creamy peanut butter praline, rice crispies and a layer of raspberry fruit puree) and Key Lime Caramels (graham crackers, lime infused caramel and enrobed in milk chocolate!) Forget about the Everlasting Gobstopper! Wonka has certainly outdone himself in the Hamptons!

Although there’s only been whispers about these magical healthy little chocolate treats, there’s been speculation that the bonbons hold powerful, antioxidant rich ingredients like dark chocolate, matcha green tea, honey, almonds and more!

The most important part about this sighting is Wonka has not forgotten about the perfect candy bar - the Wonka Bar. All over the Hamptons there’s been chatter about these exotic new flavor combos. Grandpa Joe was right when he said Wonka had invented over two hundred varieties! Forget your basic milk or dark chocolate (although he has those, too!)

There’s a bar for the mint lover - Mint Nib Crunch Chocolate Bar - This bar is said to be crafted with ultra pure 72% dark chocolate, cocoa nibs and natural peppermint!

There’s also a bar for those with a sweet and salty tooth - Sweet & Salty Bar - This bar is said to combine 42% milk chocolate, crunchy peanuts, salty pretzel nuggets, buttery toffee pieces, toasted rice and kosher salt.

There’s even a bar for those that like a little extra kick with their chocolate - Sweet & Spicy Crunch Bar - This bar is fabled to have 42% milk chocolate, toffee bits, fleur de sel, toasted rice and Cascabel chili, the rattle snake chili!

So, keep a look out for Wonka himself. If you see him, report back to us! We want to have a talk with him ;)

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