About Us

Fun Fact 101: Cocoa and dark chocolate have a wide variety of powerful antioxidants. In fact, they have way more than most other foods.

Chocolate Origin

Crazy enough chocolate originates from a bean just like the coffee bean called Cacao. Cacao has been around for thousands of years and was first discovered by the Native American tribe called the Mayans. It was not initially used to create the delicious treats we consume today. Cacao was a chocolate fruit that was most commonly used in an alcoholic drink. So how did chocolate become what it is today? The cacao bean was boarded onto a plane and landed right in your lap. Not exactly, that’s how we travel thousands of miles but it’s not the same for a cacao bean. The Cacao bean fights through the wild jungle then goes through an eight step process to become the sweet treat it truly is. 


Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Did you ever think you’d hear the words chocolate and healthy in a sentence? Everyone has a misconception on chocolate and how “unhealthy” it is. The facts give chocolate a new health identity explaining to us the list of benefits the cacao beans and dark chocolate provides. Antioxidants are so vital to our prosperity and dark chocolate has been proven to contain more of these powerful nutrients than any other fruit! 


The Hamptons is a luxury in itself and as the Hampton Chocolate Factory we want to embed that luxurious vision through our tasty chocolates. With all star celebrities like Beyonce, Billy Joel and Bethenny Frankel living in the Hamptons it is the home of impact. We take pride in making an impact, by purchasing our chocolates not only soothes your taste buds desire for high quality chocolates but you are also supporting the Peconic Land Trust, whose mission is to preserve the Hamptons land and lifestyle for future generations to come...now how sweet is that!

The Journey:

It all began when my father in law passed, my wife was heartbroken and was unsure of what to do with her time. I wanted to give her something else where she could focus her attention so I created the Hampton Chocolate Factory. In our brand logo we honour my father in law through the red diamond which represents luxury. In the very beginning we started selling at farmers markets where I brought my two younger sons, Austin and Grant, to join me and my wife on this business adventure. At the ages of 14 and 11 they were being introduced to business and entrepreneurship at a very young age. I wanted them to experience the real world and learn how to communicate with people efficiently and effectively. My wife was hard at work opening up new accounts such as the Carlyle Hotel in NYC, many vineyards on the north fork and Gurney’s Hotel out in Montauk. Soon enough we opened up our first storefront in Westhampton Beach and of course my sons were right there next to me for the grand opening. During the process I was teaching them the very valuable skill of sales and as I tell everyone they were “naturals”. 

As my eldest son got older I gave him more responsibilities starting with payroll, inventory management and scheduling. We then added yet another storefront out in Greenport! At this point the majority of the responsibility was handed over to Austin and he was running the show with his brother Grant right by his side. Now I am letting Austin take over and his goals are to build the brand’s presence on social media and on the web. We want to spread the chocolate love to everyone in the world so we can create on big chocolate family!

If it’s a school teacher, employee or family everyone loves the sweet taste of delicious chocolate treats. Do you remember around Christmas time when your kids wake up in the morning and come running out of their beds to see what presents they got? When you open up one of our luscious gift boxes the emotions flowing through you are the same on every level! You are opening up a box of passion, art and artisan. Each individual piece of chocolate has a silky smooth like feel and melts in your mouth like an ice pop on a hot summer day. We collaborate with the best chocolatiers in the world, including the former pastry chef from Daniel Boulud and other talented French chocolatiers that bring their unique creations to the Hamptons under the Hampton Chocolate Factory brand. Treat the ones you love with a little sweets!

The journey began in Westhampton Beach where we opened our first location. The Hamptons is our home but truly New York is our home. The Hamptons is a luxury in itself and as the Hampton Chocolate Factory we want to embed that luxurious vision through our tasty chocolates. New York is the city that never sleeps it is always filled with liveliness. We plan to open up a chocolate café where serve our unique chocolate drink, mouth watering frozen desserts, shakes and of course artisan chocolates. 

Meet the Family:

Evan Gappelberg


Evan is not your typical chocolatier but rather a rogue entrepreneur. Born in 1966 he started his entrepreneurial journey in Great Neck, NY. He was initially attracted to the scene on Wall street where he went on to become a stockbroker and later manage his own hedge fund. In the late 1900’s he created the first LED light up toy that he would eventually license to Disney. Evan always had a passion for food and he knew one day he would pursue that passion. The Hampton Chocolate Factory is his passion and he describes it as, “a fun business”, because who doesn’t enjoy making people smile. The Hampton Chocolate Factory was born out of the idea that the Hamptons needed an 

artisanal chocolate brand to get behind, something local, something delicious, something exclusive, something that could be indulgent and cool, just like the Hamptons. 

Caroline Gappelberg


The perfect partner, Caroline, an FIT graduate with a focus on marketing and design to present the world with an exotic collection of designer chocolates delivered in posh stylized packaging. ”I am thrilled to be living in the Hamptons while building a Hamptons brand and collaborating my designs with the world’s best chocolatiers,” Caroline proclaims. She feels as if her father who passed in 2014 is with her through this business, the red diamond is an honorable symbol to represent both him and luxury. 

Austin Gappelberg 



Austin has always had a knack for always observing the world around him; searching for new needs, trends and opportunities. He started his entrepreneurial journey at an early age of 9 by going door to door selling car washes and hosting lemonade stands. He would later indulge into ecommerce where has launched multiple brands. Currently, he is enrolled in the entrepreneurship program at the University of Delaware and takes passion in solving others problems. The Hampton Chocolate Factory has been his introduction to business and as got older he realized its potential and has now declared it his main focus. He loves to go the extra mile, in the storefront in Greenport he most often says, “I want customers to walk in happy yet leave delighted”. He plans to grow the Hampton Chocolate Factory to become a nationwide brand.  

Grant and Chloe Gappelberg



Grant and Chloe are the designated samplers meaning they taste test all the chocolate, daily! Grant is currently 16 years old and everyone calls him “a creative genius” because of his creative and innovative mindset towards all subjects. Like his older brother Austin, he was introduced to business through the Hampton Chocolate Factory. When it comes to making shakes and s’mores he is a master! Chloe is a 10 year old who enjoys both fashion, art and chocolate. She takes it upon herself to learn how to sew and paint during her free time. When she visits our Greenport store she is always begging to work.

About the Chef:

Jean-François Bonnet

A French native, Jean-François Bonnet was born and raised in a small town called Fréjus in Southern France. His passion for pastry awoke in childhood, when the daily aroma of freshly baked breads filled his family home above a local bakery. Chef Bonnet received his formal culinary training under Michelin two-star Chef Philippe Da Silva at the Hostellerie des Gorges de Pennafort before relocating to the United States in 1999. Eager to share his unique vision with the New York community, Jean-François served as pastry chef at several culinary powerhouses including Monkey Bar, Cello and the Ritz Carlton’s L'Atelier. In 2003, world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud invited Jean-François to become Executive Pastry Chef at his legendary flagship restaurant Daniel. Chef Boulud notes that Chef Bonnet "has the technique of an artisan and the creativity of an artist. He combines it with simplicity and respect for delicate flavors and textures." During his years at Daniel, Jean-François was twice listed among Dessert Professional Magazine’s "Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America," first in 2005 and again in 2006. His specialities consists of a blend exotic fruits, spices and herbs with all-American ingredients including peanuts, crispy rice and graham crackers.

For Jean-François, creating delicious desserts is a labor of creativity and passion. His enthusiasm for blending classic American confections with artisan sensibilities is reflected in each distinctive recipe.