Ambrosia - Brewed Chocolate


Hampton Chocolate Factory





According to Greek mythology Ambrosia was the drink of the gods!

Now you too can have the drink of the gods!

Try it today, gluten free, dairy free, and guilt free only 20 calories per cup!

Taste A smokey dark chocolatey flavor bouquet in every sip.

We use only one ingredient...100% Pure Cacao (chocolate) harvested from the Volta region of Ghana West Africa

First we roast the beans like you would a coffee bean then we grind them down into a granular dark powder then brew just like coffee ...except its 100% chocolate goodness!



Ambrosia is loaded with Theobromine which is a gentle long lasting stimulant similar to coffee without the jitters.  It gives you more of a head high without the body high allowing for late night drinking and still being able to sleep like a baby.



Cacao contains the bliss chemical PEA and Anandamine. PEA is an adrenal related chemical that helps us feel alert and focused. Anadamine is a chemical that makes us feel great. The combination of feeling excited and alert is pure bliss.


Ambrosia has an ORAC value of 4874 which is more than common foods we eat like Blueberries, Cherries, Blackberries, Apples and Broccoli