Kosher Chocolates

When you give or serve Hampton Chocolate Factory chocolates, you can have confidence it will be well received. These milk, dark, and white chocolates in our signature packaging are certified kosher by one of the top orthodox certification agnecies, meeting one of the strictest kosher standards on the market today.

All our chocolates are EarthKosher certified.


EarthKosher specializes in natural, organic, and specialty products. We are an “Orthodox” kosher certification agency, led by our Founder & CEO, Rabbi Zachary Goldman. Rabbi Goldman opened our agency with an absolute commitment to straightforward business practices, compassion for small businesses, and specialization in the natural products industry. EarthKosher’s Rav Hamachshir, Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech Shlita, is considered the foremost authority on the integration of all aspects of modern food technology with kosher requirements. He has also served for over twenty years in administrative and field positions in all aspects of kosher certification. Rabbi Blech has a well-established reputation for being a leading expert in modern kosher food production and technology.

Rav Blech formerly the Midwest Regional Director of the Orthodox Union for 14 years is also the author of Kosher Food Production which serves as the definitive work on Kosher Certification. EarthKosher is accepted on a global basis and this can be verified by inquiring on the website of the Chicago Rabbinical Council as well as the well known authority on Kosher Rabbi Eliezer Eidlit's website EarthKosher is a member in good standing of the AKO (Association of Kashrus Organizations) an invitation only industry group that promotes consensus based and reliable standards in Kosher certification. EarthKosher certifies 300 companies in over 20 countries and is appreciated for its making Kosher certification affordable to small companies without sacrificing standards and acceptance.

For more information please contact Rabbi Blech directly at